When do most Digital Nomads arrive to Malta?

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When do most Digital Nomads arrive to Malta?

The busiest time of the year where Digital Nomads arrive to Malta is January – March.

Highest avg for the year since 2017

2020 – 1.2k arrivals (January)

2019 – 1.2k arrivals (January)

2018 – 1000 arrivals (March)

2017 – 800 arrivals (January)

2017 – 800 arrivals (March)


The attached Statistics where digital nomads arrive to Malta indicate that January is the busiest month of the year. So I informed the authorities at residency Malta & the manager shared my email with the entire office. So hopefully they will be prepared for a wave of nomads like you, in January. 

Could be because property bargains are best to find in January & February Although personally I’d spend January & February in Bali whilst returning to Malta in March 

In December the island springs to life with Christmas vibes


If you are moving to Malta in January, why not visit in September or December for a holiday? 
We would have a great time in September as it would still be Summer, whilst in December family & friends organise big celebrations. 
January is the time of year when most locals & expats put their head down & work.

January & February is not so exciting here, Locals & expats work hard in the winter 
As march & April rolls around We begin to enjoy the outdoors a lot more 
During the summer time It’s party time
That’s not to say there’s nothing to do in January, there is plenty! 
I surf at least once a week in January cause Malta is an island so no matter where the swell comes from I can reach it in 30 minutes. 

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