The Advantages of Enrolling in the Global Residency Program in Malta

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The Global Residency Program in Malta offers a unique opportunity for non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss nationals to gain residency in a strategic, culturally rich, and economically stable EU country. This program not only facilitates a straightforward residency option but also provides significant tax benefits, lifestyle perks, and investment opportunities. Here are the key advantages of enrolling in Malta’s Global Residency Program.

Key Takeaways

  • Eligible individuals can benefit from a flat 15% tax rate on foreign-sourced income remitted to Malta, underlining significant tax advantages.

  • The program allows for the inclusion of family members, ensuring that immediate relatives can also enjoy the benefits of Maltese residency.

  • Residents can purchase or rent property in Malta, meeting certain investment thresholds, which bolsters the real estate market.

  • The residency permit grants ease of travel within the Schengen Zone, enhancing mobility across Europe for residents.

  • Professional legal and advisory support is available throughout the application process, ensuring compliance and confidentiality.

Understanding the Global Residency Program in Malta

Eligibility Criteria

The Malta Global Residence Programme (GRP) is tailored for non-EU, EEA, or Swiss nationals. Applicants must demonstrate financial self-sufficiency and have valid health insurance covering all EU risks. Families, including dependent children and parents, can be included under one application.

Residence Permit Conditions

Participants in the global residency scheme Malta must not establish a domicile in Malta and are allowed to reside in other countries for less than 183 days per year. Employment and business activities are permitted with the necessary legal permits.

Application Process

The application process for the global residence scheme Malta involves a detailed documentation and due diligence review, typically completed within 3-4 months. Property acquisition or rental in Malta is required within 12 months of residency approval.

Tax Benefits of the Malta Global Residency Program

Favorable Tax Rates

Enjoy a flat tax rate of 15% on foreign-sourced income remitted to Malta, significantly lower than many other countries. This flat rate applies to both the main applicant and their dependents, making it an attractive option for families.

Double Taxation Agreements

Malta has established over 60 double taxation agreements with countries worldwide, including most European countries, Canada, Australia, and the USA. These agreements ensure that tax is never paid twice on the same income, providing peace of mind and financial efficiency for residents.

Capital Gains and Income Tax Advantages

Residents benefit from not being taxed on foreign-sourced capital gains, regardless of whether these gains are remitted to Malta. Additionally, only income that is brought into Malta is taxed, allowing for greater control over your tax liabilities. This setup is ideal for those looking to optimize their tax situation while enjoying the lifestyle benefits Malta offers.

Living in Malta: Lifestyle and Cultural Benefits

Mediterranean Climate

Enjoy year-round sunshine and mild winters, perfect for outdoor activities and a relaxed lifestyle. Malta’s climate is one of its most appealing features, offering over 300 sunny days a year, making it an ideal location for sun-seekers and those looking to escape harsh winters.

English as an Official Language

Communicate effortlessly as English is widely spoken. This eliminates any language barriers, making integration into the local community smooth and straightforward. It’s a significant advantage for English-speaking expats and contributes to a seamless transition.

Access to European Lifestyle

Experience a unique blend of Mediterranean charm and European sophistication. Malta offers a rich cultural tapestry, historical sites, and a vibrant social scene. Its membership in the EU enhances its appeal, providing residents with access to a broad spectrum of lifestyle and travel opportunities within Europe.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Property Purchase Requirements

Malta’s Global Residency Program mandates a minimum investment in real estate, ensuring a stable and secure investment environment. The minimum property value varies by location, with €275,000 for Malta and €220,000 for Gozo and the Southern Region.

Rental Options

For those not ready to purchase, rental options are available. The annual rental requirement is €9,600 in Malta or €8,750 in Gozo/the Southern Region, providing flexibility and accessibility to the residency program.

Investment Benefits

Investing in Maltese real estate is not only a requirement but a lucrative opportunity. Property values have been rising annually by 4-6% since 2015, making it a profitable venture. Additionally, after a mandatory five-year holding period, properties can be sold, potentially recouping and even increasing the initial investment.

Ease of Travel within the Schengen Zone

Visa-Free Travel

Enjoy seamless travel across Europe without the hassle of visa applications. Malta’s Schengen status allows residents to spend up to 90 days every 6 months in other Schengen countries, enhancing mobility and spontaneous travel opportunities.

Schengen Area Treaty Benefits

Benefit from Malta’s full implementation of the Schengen Area Treaty. This not only simplifies travel but also strengthens Malta’s appeal as a base for exploring Europe. The treaty facilitates business and leisure travel, making cross-border movement easier than ever.

Ease of Movement for Residents

Residents of Malta can take advantage of the Schengen Treaty to move freely within the zone. This is particularly beneficial for those who travel frequently for business or pleasure, providing a significant boost to quality of life and personal freedom.

Family Inclusion and Additional Benefits

Inclusion of Family Members

All family members can be included under the Malta Global Residence Programme, ensuring that families can stay together while enjoying the benefits of residency. This includes spouses, minor children, and dependent relatives, providing a comprehensive family solution.

Work Permit Eligibility

Residents under the program are eligible for work permits, allowing them to seek employment or start a business in Malta. This opens up numerous business opportunities and enhances the potential for professional growth within the EU.

Healthcare and Education Access

Access to Malta’s healthcare and education systems is a significant advantage for residents. These systems are well-regarded across Europe, offering high standards of care and education. This access supports not only the well-being but also the educational advancement of families residing in Malta.

Professional Support and Legal Guidance

Legal Requirements

Navigating the legal landscape of Malta’s Global Residency Program requires precise adherence to established regulations. Expert legal guidance ensures compliance with all necessary legal frameworks, safeguarding your residency status.

Expert Assistance

The complexity of residency applications is managed effectively with professional support. From document preparation to submission, experts provide a streamlined process, enhancing your application’s success rate.

Confidentiality and Trust

Entrusting sensitive information is paramount. Legal professionals in Malta uphold the highest standards of confidentiality, ensuring that your personal and financial details remain secure throughout the process.

Why Choose Malta for Global Residency?

Strategic Location

Malta’s prime location in the Mediterranean offers easy access to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Its proximity to major European capitals makes it an ideal base for business and travel.

Stable Political Climate

Malta boasts a stable political environment, enhancing its appeal as a safe and secure place to live and invest. The country’s EU membership further solidifies its political stability and economic growth.

Growing Expat Community

The island’s welcoming atmosphere and vibrant expat community make it easy to settle in and feel at home. With a variety of social and professional networks, newcomers can easily integrate and enjoy a high quality of life.

Choosing Malta for global residency offers unparalleled benefits, from its strategic location in the Mediterranean to its robust legal and financial frameworks. Malta’s residency programs, particularly the Malta Digital Nomad Visa, provide a gateway to Europe with minimal bureaucracy and a high quality of life. Discover more about how Malta can be your next home base for global residency by visiting our website. Explore detailed guides, expert advice, and comprehensive services tailored to make your transition smooth and successful.


In conclusion, enrolling in the Global Residency Program in Malta offers a plethora of benefits that cater to both personal and financial needs. From the advantageous tax regime with a flat rate of 15% on remitted income to the ease of travel within the Schengen Area, the program is designed to provide a high-quality lifestyle in a serene Mediterranean setting. Additionally, the inclusion of family members and domestic staff, coupled with the ability to work or establish a business, makes it an attractive option for non-EU, EEA, or Swiss nationals seeking a stable and welcoming residence base in the European Union. Whether you are looking for a strategic relocation for tax purposes or a beautiful place to call home, Malta’s Global Residency Program stands out as a compelling choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria for the Malta Global Residence Programme?

Applicants must be non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss nationals, demonstrate financial self-sufficiency, have valid sickness insurance, and meet property purchase or rental requirements within 12 months of residency.

What are the tax benefits of the Malta Global Residence Programme?

Residents enjoy a flat tax rate of 15% on foreign sourced income remitted to Malta, with no tax on foreign sourced capital gains. Malta also has double taxation agreements with over 60 countries, ensuring no double taxation on the same income.

What type of properties can be purchased or rented under this programme?

The minimum property value requirement is €275,000 for properties in Malta or €220,000 for properties in Gozo and the Southern Region. Rental options require a minimum of €9,600 annually in Malta or €8,750 in Gozo/the Southern Region.

What are the residence permit conditions?

The residence permit allows for work or business setup in Malta, includes family and domestic staff, and does not require a minimum physical presence in Malta. However, residents must not spend more than 183 days annually in any other single country.

How long does the application process take for the Malta Global Residence Programme?

The entire application process typically takes 3-4 months, including due diligence checks, document collection, and issuance of residence cards.

Can family members be included in the Malta Global Residence Programme?

Yes, the main applicant can include their spouse, financially dependent ascendants, and children under the age of 25. Other dependent relatives may also be included if they are bona fide members of the household.

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