Securing a Future in the Gem of the Med: Malta’s Permanent Residency Requirements

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Malta’s Permanent Residency Program offers a unique opportunity to secure a future in the heart of the Mediterranean. Known for its rich history, stable economy, and vibrant lifestyle, Malta extends a warm invitation to individuals seeking permanent residency. This article explores the program’s requirements, application process, financial commitments, and the many benefits that come with Maltese residency, providing a comprehensive guide for those looking to call this gem of the Med their new home.

Key Takeaways

  • The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) allows visa-free travel across the Schengen Area and includes up to four generations in a single application.
  • Applicants must meet financial requirements, including a minimum capital of
    500,000, of which
    150,000 must be financial assets, and invest in property with minimum values depending on the location.
  • A non-refundable administration fee of
    40,000 and a government contribution, which varies depending on whether the property is rented or purchased, are required.
  • Additional costs include
    7,500 for each dependent parent or grandparent and a
    2,000 donation to a local NGO.
  • To maintain residency, applicants must fulfill continuous residency requirements, hold the qualifying property for a minimum of 5 years, and ensure compliance with health insurance and financial asset conditions.

Understanding Malta’s Permanent Residency Program

Program Overview

Malta’s allure as a Mediterranean haven is not just about sun-soaked shores and cultural treasures. The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) is a gateway to Europe, offering a wealth of benefits for those seeking a golden visa. Unlike other golden visa programs, the MPRP is a ticket to permanent residency, with the freedom to work and study in the EU, and unhindered Schengen Area travel.

  • Program Overview
    • Permanent residency in Malta
    • EU work and study opportunities
    • Schengen Area travel
    • Access to healthcare and education
    • Digital nomad friendly

The MPRP stands out in the realm of golden visa programs, providing a unique blend of lifestyle and investment opportunities.

With the MPRP, you’re not just investing in property; you’re securing a future in the gem of the Med. It’s a strategic move for global citizens seeking stability, mobility, and quality of life for their families.

Benefits for Residents

Unlock the full potential of Malta residency by investment. Experience a lifestyle upgrade with a host of advantages tailored for permanent residents. Here’s a snapshot of what awaits you:

  • Visa-free Schengen travel: Roam freely across Europe’s Schengen Zone for up to 90 days every six months.
  • Multi-generational inclusion: Extend the benefits to up to four generations of your family.
  • Real estate opportunities: Dive into Malta’s welcoming property market with exclusive investment options.
  • Quality healthcare: Access to Malta’s reputable healthcare system, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Stable, connected living: Embrace a life of stability with robust economic growth and seamless connectivity.

Malta’s Permanent Residency Program is more than an investment; it’s a gateway to a vibrant Mediterranean lifestyle, rich in culture and opportunities.

With Malta’s Permanent Residency Program, you’re not just securing a place to live; you’re investing in a future filled with possibilities. From the Nomad Residency option for remote workers to the seamless residency process, Malta offers a unique blend of benefits that cater to diverse needs and aspirations.

Eligibility Criteria

Securing permanent residency in Malta hinges on meeting specific criteria. The Golden Visa Malta offers a gateway to the Mediterranean lifestyle, but it’s not without its prerequisites. To qualify for permanent residence Malta, applicants must demonstrate financial stability, a clean criminal record, and a commitment to invest in the local community.

Eligibility for the Malta Permanent Residency program includes:

  • Stable and regular income
  • Minimum capital assets
  • Investment in property or government contribution
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Clean criminal record

Remember, Malta Golden Visa requirements are stringent, with due diligence ensuring only qualified individuals secure residency. It’s not just about investment; it’s about integrating into the fabric of Maltese society.

Navigating the Application Process

Application Submission through a Licensed Agent

Embarking on the journey to Maltese residency begins with a crucial step: application submission through a licensed agent. This is not just a formality; it’s a safeguard, ensuring that all applications meet the stringent requirements set by the Maltese authorities.

The licensed agent acts as your navigator, steering you through the complex paperwork and legal intricacies. They are your representative, your voice in the process, and your first line of defense against any potential pitfalls.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

  • Selection of a licensed agent from the Residency Malta Agency’s approved list.
  • A covering letter from the agent, detailing your motivation for seeking Maltese residency.
  • Submission of a complete application pack, including all required supporting documents.
  • Payment of a non-refundable administrative fee, part of which is due within one month of application submission.

Remember, the agent is more than just a middleman; they are your partner in this venture. Choose wisely and ensure they align with your expectations and communication style.

Required Documentation

Gathering the right paperwork is a pivotal step in the journey to Maltese residency. Ensure every document is current, authentic, and properly translated where necessary. Here’s a checklist to guide you:

  • Valid passport and travel documents
  • Comprehensive health insurance policy
  • Proof of stable, regular income
  • Evidence of financial assets
  • Clean criminal record certification
  • Property lease or purchase agreement
  • Due diligence declaration by a licensed agent

Remember, incomplete or incorrect documentation can lead to delays or rejection. > Stay ahead by double-checking every detail and adhering strictly to the guidelines provided by the Residency Malta Agency.

Due Diligence and Approval

Once your application is submitted, the real scrutiny begins. Malta’s rigorous due diligence process ensures only the most reputable applicants secure residency. Expect comprehensive background checks, including criminal records, financial stability, and more.

The due diligence phase is critical – it’s where your future in Malta is thoroughly vetted.

Upon passing this meticulous screening, you’ll receive a Letter of Approval in Principle. This document is your golden ticket to proceed with fulfilling financial obligations. Here’s what comes next:

  • Settle the non-refundable administration fee balance.
  • Pay the government contribution within eight months.
  • Secure your qualifying property.
  • Make the required donation to a local NGO.
  • Present a valid sickness insurance policy.

Failure to meet these conditions within the stipulated time frames could result in application rejection. Stay vigilant and ensure all ducks are in a row for a smooth approval process.

Financial Commitments and Contributions

Government Contribution and Fees

Securing Maltese permanent residency involves clear financial commitments. A non-refundable administration fee of €40,000 is just the beginning. Applicants opting to purchase property face a government contribution of €28,000, while those leasing must contribute €58,000. These contributions are pivotal in demonstrating your investment in Malta’s future.

The choice between leasing and purchasing property significantly affects the total government contribution required.

Additional fees apply for dependents, ensuring that the benefits of Maltese residency extend to your entire family. Here’s a quick breakdown of the fees:

  • Main Applicant: €28,000 (purchase) or €58,000 (lease)
  • Each Parent/Grandparent: €7,500
  • Spouse of Main Applicant: €7,500
  • Dependent Child 18+ (post-approval): €5,000
  • Minor Child of Approved Dependent: €5,000

Remember, these contributions are essential to the application process and reflect your commitment to becoming a valued member of the Maltese community.

Property Investment Options

Malta’s Permanent Residency Program offers a range of property investment options to suit diverse preferences and budgets. Choose to rent or purchase—the choice is yours, but it comes with specific requirements to maintain your residency status.

  • Renting: A minimum annual rent of €12,000 in Malta or €10,000 in the South of Malta or Gozo.
  • Purchasing: A minimum investment of €350,000 in Malta or €300,000 in the South of Malta or Gozo.

Both options require a commitment to retain the property for at least five years. It’s essential to consider not just the initial investment but also the long-term implications of your choice.

The right property investment is a cornerstone of securing your future in Malta. It’s not just about meeting legal requirements; it’s about finding a place that feels like home.

Remember, the property must meet the ‘qualifying property’ standards set by the Residency Malta Agency. Whether you opt for the vibrant city life or the tranquil countryside, ensure your investment aligns with your lifestyle aspirations and residency goals.

Additional Costs for Dependents

When planning for Malta’s Permanent Residency, accounting for every family member is crucial. Dependents carry additional costs, which can significantly impact your budget. Here’s a breakdown of the fees:

  • Parent or Grandparent: €7,500 each
  • Spouse of Dependent: €7,500
  • Other Dependents: €5,000 each

These fees are non-refundable and due upon application. Remember, the inclusion of dependents extends beyond immediate family, allowing for a truly comprehensive family plan.

Ensure you factor in these costs early to avoid surprises and maintain a smooth application process.

Keep in mind, the fees listed are in addition to the main applicant’s financial requirements. Engaging with a Licensed Agent can provide clarity and assist in navigating these additional financial responsibilities.

Property Investment Insights

Renting vs. Purchasing

When considering permanent residency in Malta, the choice between renting and purchasing property is pivotal. Renting offers flexibility and less upfront financial commitment, while purchasing is an investment in Malta’s real estate market with potential long-term benefits.

  • Renting: Ideal for those seeking short-term stays or who prefer to avoid the responsibilities of homeownership.
  • Purchasing: Suits long-term planners looking to put down roots and possibly benefit from property appreciation.

To avoid pitfalls in property investment in Malta, seek professional advice and conduct due diligence. Align investment goals with tax incentives for savings.

Both options require adherence to minimum investment thresholds and a commitment period of five years to comply with the Malta Permanent Residence Programme. Deciding which path to take should align with your lifestyle preferences and financial strategy.

Minimum Investment Requirements

To secure permanent residency in Malta, a significant property investment is a must. Choose wisely between renting and buying—both paths have their minimum thresholds. Renting requires an annual payment of at least
12,000 EUR in Malta or 10,000 EUR in the South of Malta or Gozo. Opting to buy? Prepare to invest a minimum of 350,000 EUR in Malta or 300,000 EUR in the South of Malta or Gozo.

Remember, this property must be maintained for at least five years to comply with the program’s conditions.

The choice of investment will also affect the government contribution required—58,000 EUR for renters, 28,000 EUR for buyers. These figures are just the starting point; additional fees apply for dependents and due diligence processes.

Property Retention Period

Maintaining your investment is crucial. To uphold your residency status, you must retain the qualifying property for a minimum of five years. This commitment is non-negotiable and ensures your ties to Malta remain strong.

After the initial five-year period, while you’re not obligated to retain the specific property initially purchased or rented, you must continue to own or lease residential property in Malta to keep your residency permit valid.

Remember, the property you invest in is more than a financial asset; it’s a cornerstone of your new life in Malta. Make sure to comply with the retention requirements to enjoy uninterrupted residency and all the benefits that come with it.

Healthcare and Insurance Requirements

Health Insurance Coverage

Securing your health in Malta is non-negotiable. A valid health insurance policy is mandatory for all permanent residency applicants and their dependents. This policy must cover all risks normally covered for Maltese nationals. The coverage should be comprehensive, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family throughout your stay.

  • Minimum Coverage: €30,000 per annum.
  • Scope: Must cover full expenses in Malta.
  • Travel: Separate travel insurance required for Schengen travel.
  • Premium Range: Typically €250 – €750 per person, varying by age.

Remember, the policy must be in place at the time of application approval and maintained throughout residency.

The choice between public and private health insurance hinges on personal preference and financial flexibility. Public healthcare in Malta is of high quality and accessible to all residents. However, private insurance offers customizable plans that may better suit the needs of some individuals. The Nomad Visa Malta scheme provides a tailored health insurance option for expatriates, ensuring that all healthcare needs are met while residing on the island.

Access to Malta’s Healthcare System

Malta’s healthcare system is renowned for its high standards and accessibility. Residents enjoy comprehensive care, with a network of public and private facilities at their disposal. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Public Healthcare: Free at the point of delivery for all residents, including permanent residency holders.
  • Private Healthcare: Offers faster access and additional services; typically requires private health insurance or out-of-pocket payment.
  • Health Insurance: Mandatory for all residency applicants, covering risks in Malta.

Ensure your health insurance policy meets the minimum coverage requirement of €30,000 per annum.

Remember, maintaining a valid health insurance policy is not just a formality—it’s a safeguard for your health and well-being while enjoying the vibrant lifestyle Malta offers.

Ensuring Compliance with Residency Conditions

Continuous Residency Requirements

Securing Maltese residency demands more than just paperwork; it’s a commitment to the island life. Residency isn’t a mere formality; it’s a lifestyle choice. To maintain permanent residency status, you must meet specific physical presence requirements. The Malta Nomad Residence Permit, for instance, mandates annual compliance, including a physical presence on the island and a minimum income threshold.

  • Annual Compliance: Stay updated with the latest residency conditions.
  • Physical Presence: Ensure you spend the required time in Malta.
  • Minimum Income: Maintain the necessary financial threshold.

Family members’ residency is intrinsically linked to the permit holder, and the onus of the renewal process rests squarely on their shoulders. Remember, residency is a privilege that comes with its set of responsibilities.

Maintaining Financial Assets

To secure your future in Malta’s sun-kissed embrace, safeguarding your financial assets is paramount. The program mandates a minimum capital of

euro;500,000, with euro;150,000 in financial assets, ensuring you’re well-prepared for life’s ebb and flow. This requirement is not just a one-time checkpoint but a commitment for the first five years of residency.

Keeping a vigilant eye on your financial health is crucial, as the Residency Malta Agency may conduct spot checks or request proof of maintained assets.

Remember, your financial stability is a cornerstone of your residency, reflecting your ability to thrive without leaning on Malta’s social systems. It’s not just about meeting the initial criteria; it’s about demonstrating ongoing financial prudence and responsibility.

Renewal and Spot Checks

Stay vigilant and proactive to maintain your Maltese residency. Renewal is not automatic; it requires your attention. Ensure your documents are up-to-date and comply with the residency conditions. The Residency Malta Agency may conduct spot checks to verify compliance. Here’s what you need to keep in check:

  • Passport and travel document validity
  • Continuous income and asset thresholds
  • Valid health insurance coverage
  • Property investment conditions

Remember, any changes in your status or failure to meet the requirements can lead to the revocation of your residency. It’s crucial to address any issues promptly and notify the Agency if unforeseen circumstances arise.

For those considering the Malta Digital Nomad Visa, note that the processing time is approximately 6 weeks. This permit allows for a 3-year stay, renewable twice, and family members are eligible for permits as well. Real estate investors may also secure residency, aligning with the program’s property investment criteria.

Exploring the Benefits of Maltese Residency

Visa-Free Schengen Area Access

Unlock the gateway to Europe with Malta’s Permanent Residency. Enjoy visa-free travel within the Schengen Area for up to 90 days every six months. This privilege extends to the entire Schengen zone, offering unparalleled freedom of movement. Malta’s residency program is more than just an investment; it’s a ticket to a borderless European experience.

  • EU Golden Visa: Malta’s program stands out as a top-tier option.
  • Travel Ease: Say goodbye to visa applications for Schengen travel.
  • Business Opportunities: Seamless travel fosters cross-border business growth.

With Malta’s Permanent Residency, you’re not just investing in a location but in a lifestyle that opens doors across Europe.

The Malta Digital Nomad Visa offers freedom to work in Malta for up to one year, with benefits like residency rights, access to healthcare, and a welcoming environment. Eligibility criteria include remote work capability and stable income.

Inclusion of Multiple Generations

Malta’s Permanent Residency Program stands out with its inclusive approach, allowing applicants to extend benefits to up to four generations of their family. This unique feature not only strengthens family ties but also ensures a legacy of stability and prosperity in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Embrace the opportunity to secure a future for your loved ones in a country that values family unity and offers a high quality of life.

The program’s flexibility caters to the diverse needs of families, making it a preferred choice for many seeking a new home. Here’s a quick glance at the additional costs for including multiple generations:

  • Main Applicant: Included in the base contribution
  • Spouse/Partner: €7,500
  • Parents/Grandparents: €7,500 each
  • Dependents: Varies based on age and relationship

Comparing Malta’s residency program to others, such as Portugal’s, highlights Malta’s advantages in terms of cultural diversity, cost of living, and climate. Moreover, Malta’s residency requirements are tailored to accommodate extended family members, offering a comprehensive solution for those looking to relocate.

Real Estate Market Opportunities

Malta’s real estate market presents a unique investment landscape, with a steady appreciation in property values offering lucrative opportunities for permanent residents. The island’s charm and strategic location make it an attractive destination for property investors and homebuyers alike.

  • Diverse Portfolio: From modern apartments to rustic farmhouses, the market caters to a range of preferences.
  • Rental Yield: Properties in prime locations can generate significant rental income.
  • Capital Growth: Long-term investments have historically seen substantial capital appreciation.

Malta’s residency program not only grants access to this vibrant market but also provides a stable investment environment supported by a robust legal framework.

Understanding the nuances of the market is key to making informed decisions. Whether you’re looking to rent out your property for passive income or invest in a holiday home, Malta’s real estate offers a solid foundation for your financial future.

The Role of the Residency Malta Agency

Agency’s Due Diligence Process

The Residency Malta Agency stands as the gatekeeper to Malta’s Permanent Residency, ensuring only the most qualified applicants gain entry. Rigorous checks are the cornerstone of the Agency’s operations, with a multi-tiered due diligence process that leaves no stone unturned.

  • Background checks and security screenings are mandatory for all applicants.
  • Financial assessments confirm applicants’ economic stability and investment capacity.
  • Health and insurance verifications ensure applicants meet the necessary healthcare requirements.

The Agency’s commitment to meticulous screening underpins the integrity of Malta’s residency program, safeguarding the nation’s interests.

Applicants must navigate this thorough vetting with precision, as the Agency collaborates with international due diligence service providers and law enforcement authorities. The process culminates in the issuance of a Letter of Approval in Principle, contingent on the applicant’s successful navigation of the due diligence labyrinth.

Support and Guidance for Applicants

Embarking on the journey to Maltese residency? The Residency Malta Agency is your compass. Navigating the application maze is smoother with expert guidance. The Agency’s team offers personalized support, ensuring your application sails through the stringent due diligence process.

  • Licensed Agents: Your first port of call. They’re the authorized navigators for your application voyage.
  • Client Relations: Have questions? Reach out via email for tailored advice.
  • Documentation: A meticulous checklist awaits. Ensure every paper is shipshape.
  • Due Diligence: The Agency’s rigorous screening is your assurance of a transparent process.

The path to residency is a strategic one. Let the Agency’s expertise chart your course to success.

Remember, securing a future in Malta is not just about meeting the requirements. It’s about crafting an application that resonates with the Maltese ethos. The Agency, with its commitment to quality and integrity, stands ready to guide you to your new Mediterranean horizon.

Life in Malta: Embracing the Mediterranean Lifestyle

Cultural Richness and Heritage

Transition to sun-soaked living in Malta offers vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and warm Mediterranean climate. Rich history, diverse communities, and culinary delights await expats and digital nomads.

  • Malta, an open-air museum: Explore Valletta’s UNESCO heritage, Mdina’s palazzos, and ancient catacombs.
  • Language no barrier: English alongside Maltese, simplifies communication for expats.
  • Education excellence: British-based system ensures high academic standards.
  • Gastronomic journey: From casual bistros to Michelin-starred dining, savor Mediterranean flavors.

Embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle where history breathes at every corner, and the arts flourish amidst the island’s natural beauty.

Malta’s cultural tapestry is woven from centuries of foreign influence, creating a unique blend of traditions and modernity. The islands’ festivals, music, and art scenes are a testament to a thriving cultural heartbeat.

Safety and Stability

Malta ranks as one of the safest countries in Europe, with a crime rate so low it’s almost negligible. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that safety is a cornerstone of Maltese society. The nation’s stability is not just about low crime rates; it extends to political and economic spheres, ensuring a secure environment for families and businesses.

Malta’s commitment to civil liberties and progressive values contributes to its reputation as a secure and welcoming destination for expatriates and their families.

The Mediterranean gem offers a stable backdrop for those seeking a serene lifestyle or a safe haven for investment. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

  • Democratic governance with a history of stability
  • Economic resilience with consistent growth
  • Social harmony in a diverse and inclusive community

Ensuring a smooth transition into this secure environment requires understanding the local landscape. Engage with reputable sources and integrate into the community to fully embrace the safety and stability Malta is known for.

Business and Economic Environment

Malta’s dynamic economy is a beacon for entrepreneurs and investors. Boasting a robust growth rate, the island nation is a hub for industries such as gaming, financial services, and tourism. Government incentives further sweeten the deal, making Malta a smart choice for business expansion.

  • Strategic Location: At the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Diverse Economy: Growth driven by multiple sectors.
  • Incentives: Attractive tax benefits and support for startups.

With its EU membership and eurozone inclusion, Malta offers stability and access to a vast market.

Ensure your business thrives by leveraging Malta’s economic assets. From a skilled, multilingual workforce to a state-of-the-art telecommunications network, the country is geared for success. The Maltese government is committed to fostering a pro-business climate, making it an ideal locale for both budding and established enterprises.

Transitioning from Residency to Citizenship

Naturalization Requirements

Securing Maltese citizenship through naturalization hinges on a minimum five-year residency. Applicants must demonstrate continuous presence during the year leading up to the application and four of the preceding six years. Proficiency in English or Maltese and a clean criminal record are non-negotiable. The Minister’s discretion is pivotal; meeting criteria doesn’t guarantee citizenship.

The path to citizenship is not just about time spent; it’s about integrating into the Maltese way of life.

To be considered for naturalization, applicants must:

  • Not originate from sanctioned countries
  • Possess stable, regular financial resources
  • Have a minimum of €500,000 in capital assets
  • Maintain a clean criminal record
  • Not pose a threat to national security or public interest

The Path to Maltese Citizenship

Transitioning from permanent residency to full citizenship in Malta is a journey of commitment and compliance. Naturalization is the key, unlocking the door to Maltese citizenship. To embark on this path, applicants must demonstrate continuous residence on the island for a minimum of five years, with specific presence requirements in the year leading up to the application and throughout the preceding six-year period.

Eligibility hinges on more than just time spent on Maltese soil. Applicants must also show proficiency in English or Maltese, possess good conduct, and be of sound mind. The Minister’s discretion plays a pivotal role; meeting the criteria does not guarantee citizenship. It’s a selective process, ensuring that only those who truly align with Malta’s values and community are granted this privilege.

The journey to citizenship is not just about fulfilling time requirements; it’s about integrating into the fabric of Maltese society, contributing to its growth, and embracing its culture.

Remember, the path to citizenship is not merely a bureaucratic process; it’s a transformative experience that culminates in joining the Maltese nation.

Making the leap from residency to full-fledged citizenship is a significant milestone. At Nomad Visa Malta, we understand the intricacies of this transition and are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process. Whether you’re seeking the sun-soaked lifestyle of Malta or the cultural richness of Europe, our comprehensive services are tailored to meet your needs. Don’t navigate this journey alone; visit our website and book a consultation today to start your seamless transition to citizenship. Let us be your partner in unlocking the full potential of your new life in Malta.

Securing Your Future in Malta

In conclusion, securing permanent residency in Malta offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the myriad benefits of living in the heart of the Mediterranean. The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) is a structured pathway that requires careful consideration of property investments, government contributions, and adherence to stringent eligibility criteria. Prospective residents must demonstrate financial stability, a clean criminal record, and a commitment to the Maltese community through property investment and contributions. It is advisable to engage with a Licensed Agent and ensure all application steps are meticulously followed. With its rich cultural heritage, robust economy, and high quality of life, Malta presents an attractive option for those seeking a stable and secure future for themselves and their families. Remember, the journey to residency is as significant as the destination itself; plan wisely to ensure a smooth transition to your new Mediterranean home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of Malta’s Permanent Residency Program?

The Malta Permanent Residency Program offers visa-free travel across the Schengen area for 90 days out of 180, the inclusion of up to four generations in one application, and the opportunity to invest in Malta’s real estate market.

What are the property investment requirements for the Malta Permanent Residency Program?

Applicants must either rent a property for a minimum of €12,000 per annum in Malta or €10,000 in the South of Malta or Gozo, or purchase a property for a minimum of €350,000 in Malta or €300,000 in the South of Malta or Gozo, to be held for a minimum of 5 years.

What is the direct government contribution for the Malta Permanent Residency Program?

The direct government contribution is €58,000 if you choose to rent a property or €28,000 if you choose to purchase a property, to be settled within 8 months following the issuance of a Letter of Approval in Principle.

Are there any additional costs for dependents in the Malta Permanent Residency Program?

Yes, there is an additional cost of €7,500 for each dependent parent or grandparent of the main applicant and/or spouse.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Malta Permanent Residency Program?

Applicants must have stable and regular financial resources, capital assets of not less than €500,000 (€150,000 of which must be financial assets), a clean criminal record, and must not pose a threat to national security, public policy, public health, or public interest.

What is the role of the Residency Malta Agency in the application process?

The Residency Malta Agency manages and promotes Malta’s residency-by-investment program, conducting a stringent four-tier due diligence process to ensure thorough screening of applicants.

How long must I hold the qualifying property in Malta?

You must hold the qualifying property for a minimum period of 5 years after which a residential property is required.

Can I transition from permanent residency to citizenship in Malta?

Yes, you can apply for naturalisation after continuously residing in Malta for a minimum period of 5 years, with specific residency and language requirements being met.

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