Malta Nomad Residence Permit (MNRP) application

  • After payment we'll enter a 30 minute video call with you where we analyze your situation with an immigration and tax advisor, run you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Payment is through Stripe Checkout after you fill out this form.
  • You earn at least 2700 EUR per month
  • You have never been rejected from a Schengen Visa

Get Maltese Residency with Nomad Visa Malta

We have assisted a number of digital nomads with their Malta Nomad Residence Permit (MNRP) application, and I am glad to confirm that we enjoy a 100% success rate, it would be a pleasure to support you on this journey.

Here are some main points about why Malta is the right jurisdiction for digital nomads:  

  • Malta offers free public bus transportation for residents, and e-scooters are available everywhere, with ride-sharing or cabs apps meaning your next ride is minutes away.
  • Malta’s digital nomad community is flourishing, so if you’re looking to get connected with others, you will find a number of online groups, communities, and in-person gatherings to network and get involved.
  • Despite being an island, Malta has excellent international air route connections, with flights to most major cities in Europe, the UK, Turkey, and the UAE on a daily basis, or multiple times a week.
  • Malta was one of the first countries to roll out nationwide 5G network connectivity, so staying connected at a fair price won’t be a concern.
  • Being a small island state, Malta can be comparable to city life, whilst never being too far from the sea or most necessities.
  • As to accommodation, you can find a decent one-bedroom apartment for around EUR 1,000 per month, or even possibly opt for shared accommodation options for around half that.