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Italy: The Hub For Digital Nomads 

With the world turning into a global village thanks to technology, remote work is fast becoming a reality. 

Does your work only entail the need for wi-fi and a computer? 

Then you can become a digital nomad, traveling, enjoying, and exploring the world while working full-time. 

With a myriad of incentives for digital nomads, Italy beckons you – and we are here to help you make your way to the captivating Bel Paese (nickname of Italy, meaning beautiful country).

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Who Are We?

Your gateway to Italy, we are a full-service agency that assists in the self-employment Italy visa process, takes care of the documentation and legislation, to help you live and work in Italy on your terms.

We work hard to get your case processed and approved, faster than you can even say Italiano!

Why Italy?

There are many countries that have initiated digital nomad visa schemes post the Covid-19 pandemic.

 But what makes Italy stand out is the prevalence of remote workers long before the pandemic too. By spring 2020, Italy had accumulated over 6.5 million agile workers, and the tally continues to rise. 

The workers are delighted with Italian infrastructure, connectivity, and living standards, making Italy a prime location for digital nomads. 

Getting Into Italy: Visto Per Lavoro Autonomo

The Italian atmosphere is ideal for business and career prospects. But how do you get in? 

We offer our assistance in this regard. 

With years of experience in Italy’s visa processes, we know the ins and outs of the law, and know just how to get digital nomads in ↓

The Visto Per Lavoro Autonomo – Self-Employment Visa. 

While the process is slightly complicated and mostly requires a legal proxy, you have nothing to worry about because we have you covered. 

What Is The Self-Employment Visa?

Italy does not have a specific visa for digital nomads, but it does have a self-employment visa, offering a plethora of incentives. 

Ideal for non-European Union nationals, this visa is for those who want to work from Italy remotely. These include:

  • Self-Employed Individuals
  • People With Company Contracts Specifying Allowance Of Remote Work
  • Those With Online Businesses

Valid for 2 years, this nomad visa Italy will help you step foot in Italy and elevate your growth prospects to the heights of the Allianz Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Italy.

Enjoy Tax Incentives Like No Where Else

The digital nomad Italy visa does not only allow you to work from home (or your new Italian home, for that matter). It upholds ideas of financial stability and incentive. 

If you are working as a freelancer or generating income from abroad, your entire income is not taxed despite your legal domicile or residence being in Italy. 

In fact, the Italy nomad visa allows you to tap into the 70% detaxation scheme. This means merely 30% of your income is taxed for those who set up their legal residency in Italy. 

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

Experience Some Of The Lowest Accommodation Prices 

While the main cities and hubs can be slightly expensive, most of Italy is quite affordable in terms of cost of living. 

But this isn’t the only incentive for a digital nomad. 

If you decide to move to Italy for remote work through the self-employment visa scheme, find your rents halved – really!

Santa Fiora and Rieti offer rent vouchers up to €200 in value for digital nomads moving to the area, which makes up for almost 50% of the rent! 

Eased process, beautiful sights, and inexpensive cost of living – Italy is a haven for digital nomads. 

Italy For Digital Nomads – What More?

The country provides tax incentives, quality of accommodation, and an array of options of prolonged residency for digital nomads. But what else can it give you? 

Our team has done its research to help you make an informed decision. 

Important Government Initiatives 
The Italian government holds digital nomads in the highest of regards and continues to improve infrastructure for their facilitation. They plan to convert abandoned towns in digital nomad villages too. 
A Proficient Healthcare System
When you can move anywhere, given your remote nature of work, move to a country that offers a healthy lifestyle. Italy has a high life expectancy, low infant mortality, and top-notch healthcare.  
Food That Leaves You In Awe
From Italian pasta to signature pizzas, Italian food gives you a taste of local culture. Enjoy a little risotto when you’re working on your next freelance project or binge on the Panettone. 
Sights That Mesmerize Viewers  
From the ruins in Rome to the waters of Venice, once you’re done with your work for the day, you need a good pick-me-up, which means exploring the region – through port or road! 
Widespread Internet Connectivity 
As international travelers increase, Italy has upped its internet game – which is the best news for a digital nomad. Find high-speed internet, good download speeds, and online resources 24/7!  
Countless Ways To Unwind & Rejuvenate 
Sitting in front of a screen all day becomes tiring. Italy offers some of the best recreations for digital nomads. Visit the Alpine ski resorts, tour the lakes, or tan on the beaches to unwind.  

Go Exploring In Italy

Alas, while a digital nomad Italy visa guarantees work in Italy; there are other reasons to move to the country – aren’t there?

Place these cities in your travel itinerary to gain the full benefit of your temporary residency:


Emitting small-town vibes, Florence is Italy in a nutshell. Nestled in the Tuscan Valley, enjoy breathtaking views, romantic buildings, and some of the best sunset sights ever. 


Embrace the fashion capital of the world by going all out. Strut down the lanes, dine in high-end restaurants, walk through branded shops, and get a feel of the Italian fashionista within you. 


When in search of solitude in Italy, make your way to Tuscany. Boasting the beautiful countryside, the area is dotted with castles, villas, wineries, and all-things picture-perfect. 


Find your way through this cultural powerhouse by paying a visit to the Colosseum, gazing at Michelangelo’s best work, and munching on truly local delicacies. Rome is not to be missed!  


Loving Italy? Find Your Way To The Country With Us 

From the cathedrals to the lakes, resorts to the beauty, if everything sounds perfect in Italy, it is time to take the leap. 

Your next destination through the digital nomad visa is Italy, and we are here to guide you at each step of the way. 

First things first, here’s a roundup of what you need:

  • Proof of Steady, Remote Income
  • Eligible and Valid Passport (until about 3 months after your intended stay)
  • Evidence of Accommodation in Italy
  • Sound Visa History
  • Unflagged Criminal Records

Do not be taken aback by the prerequisites, our team will be helping at each stage.

Our 4-Step Process To Your Italian Residency

Getting your digital nomad Italy visa requires pre-collection of documents, filling the necessary forms, and filing the application with the Italian Consulate in the country where you reside. For first-timers, or even accustomed travelers, this can be confusing. 

We make it feel like a breeze. 

Step 1Reach Out To Us 
Schedule a consultation session on your own time to discuss the case. 
Step 2Finalize Your Needs
Decide your type of work, potential city of residence, and budgetary concerns. 
Step 3Start The Process
Collect the documents and begin the filing, as instructed by us. 
Step 4Get Your Visa!
With timely document submission and application, your visa will be approved soon.  

Do You Like What You See? Then, You Will Love What Our Clients Have To Say About Us! 

The Digital Nomad Visa for Italy has completely changed my life for good. I highly recommend it to all.
Can’t thank the professionals at Nomad Visa Italy enough for assisting me in getting the visa in record-time.
Being an avid traveler, I pounced on the opportunity to get Italy digital nomad visa and it’s been extremely worth it.

Wi-Fi? Check | Computer? Check. | Italy Digital Nomad Visa? Check.

Contact Us To Become A Digital Nomad In Italy Today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

The self-employment visa program in Italy can be confusing and leave you with several questions. We answer the most common ones and look forward to hearing from you in case of further confusions. 

Does the Italy taxation policy mean I have to pay the income tax twice?

No. Owing to the “No Double Taxation” policy, Italy makes it easy for you to pay your taxes. 

If you set up your legal residency in Italy, the 70% detaxation applies, whereby only 30% of your income is eligible to be taxed. In addition, if you move your residence when moving to Italy, the rate increases to a whopping 90%! Win-win!

Do all cities and villages in Italy offer discounted rent prices?

Not really. 

The possibility of discounts remains hinged on the season and duration of stay. However, as Italy welcomes digital nomads, some villages such as Santa Fiora and Rieti have made the €200 voucher a fact. 

Can the digital nomad Italy visa be extended?

Yes! The self-employment visa for digital nomads has a validity of 2 years. However, if you feel Italy is your kind of place to be, you can have it extended, and our team will help you here too! 

Live Your Dream Life In Italy!

Schedule Your Consultation Session Today! 

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