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Next Stop: Greece! 

As the world has gone digital, remote work and work-from-home policies have become the new normal.

This means you can work from anywhere around the world and still get your job done.

So, why not move around and go exploring different countries in the world? 

We, at Nomad Visa Greece, highly recommend Greece! 

Taking over the pain points of research, documentation, and logistics, we help digital nomads attain residency in Greece – without going through any trouble at all. 

Ready to live life to the fullest?

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Why Become A Digital Nomad?

If your commute is long, the weather is a pain, local taxes have you completely dried out, and you are looking for a welcome change, there is a way out. 

The digital nomad visa scheme has been introduced in various countries across the globe. 

It gives remote workers a chance at the lifestyle they desire, and if you choose Greece, you can embrace the change without breaking the bank. 

Isn’t that just what you want?

What Can We Do For You?

Our line of work is simple. You wish to become a digital nomad in Greece, and we can breathe life into your dream.

With an experienced and professional team that knows the ins and outs of Greece and the newly launched digital nomad Greece visa, we make the process a complete breeze for you.

Eligibility To Become A Digital Nomad In Greece 

First things first, like all visa processes, the digital nomad visa for Greece has a set eligibility criterion. 

If you belong to a country that has an established tax treaty with Greece, haven’t been a tax-paying resident in Greece for the past 7 years, and are employed (work remotely) or self-employed – then you can become a digital nomad in Greece! 

Why Greece For Digital Nomads?

Greece may not be one of the cheapest countries on the globe, but is it a great one for digital nomads to work in?


Impeccable Hospitality As Xenia – guest-friendship – forms an important part of Greek culture, feel completely welcome and at home when in Greece. The Greeks are known for great hospitality and better cuisine!Good Wi-Fi Speeds Nothing is more important to a digital nomad than a good internet connection. Greece provides fast internet at a 13 Mbps average and rapid download speeds.Stay connected – always. Lively Coworking SpacesHead to the nearest coworking space, sip your coffee and begin your work tales for the day. Feel a productivity boost as you sit among other remote workers and develop friends along the way.  
Pleasant Climate When in Greece, enjoy all 4 seasons in complete delight. From the hot and dry summers to the mild, cold, wet winters; the climate is Mediterranean and a treat to enjoy and capture on camera!  No Language BarrierA blessing in disguise for digital nomads in Greece, 51% of the Greeks speak English, while the others can understand it. Eliminate the communication barrier, make friends, and be heard.   Space For All BudgetsFrom lavish islands to the less-known areas, main cities to suburbs, Greece depicts vast areas and diverse accommodation costs. Choose the space that speaks to you and your budget – there are many!  

Feel at ease and at home when in Greece.

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Diving Into The Visa Specifics

The digital nomad visa lasts for up to 12 months, allowing the digital worker to experience all that Greece has to offer, without suffering through hefty paperwork or long waiting times. 

Post one year, if you feel you are ready to become a digital nomad elsewhere; we help you make the transition. 

If, however, Greece seems to be your cup of (Greek) tea, we will help you apply for a Digital Nomad Residence permit for yourself and your family members with a validity of up to 2 years, as well as the option of renewal.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is!  

Reduce Your Income Tax By Half 

Yes – this is not a drill.

The Greece Digital Nomad Visa option is great for your resume, mental health, and pocket! 

Featuring incredibly low taxation, Greece only requires its digital nomads to pay half the income tax while consuming all the benefits of working in Greece. 

From the fast, 5G internet connectivity in cities to a myriad of places to visit and beaches to enjoy; a low cost of living is a bonus!  

What Else?

The affordability does not end at income tax rates. 

Greece is the perfect country for a digital nomad, post-pandemic, because of:

  • Strong Currency and exchange rates that keep you afloat.
  • Low cost of living as compared to other buzzing European countries.
  • High economic reliability due to being part of the single currency zone.

Go Exploring In Greece 

While the way to way may be through a digital nomad Greece visa for you, but once you are there, what is stopping you from going island hopping or exploring to your heart’s content? 

Add these places to your itinerary for a glimpse at what Greece really is:


Explore the capital with a walk through the cobbled streets. Visit the Acropolis and head to nearby museums and heritage sites. Once you’re through, end your day at the scenic cafes and bars for a taste of Mediterranean cuisine. Athens is a dream come true for history enthusiasts!


3 thousand years of history, buzzing modern life, and a hub of local festivals, Thessaloniki endorses the best of the past and present. Walk along the waterfront, indulge in the bustling nightlife, or explore the Byzantine ruins; in Thessaloniki, you can never run out of things to do.   


Walk through the twisting, narrow streets, stop for a moussaka or Greek yogurt, or simply walk beside the Crete coastline; the quaint little town of Chania makes every visitor’s heart fall head over heels in love with the picturesque scenery. 

Rhodes Island 

Make your way through the maze of historical alleys, explore the Old Town, or indulge in a little shopping from the locals on the street. If you are a fan of beaches, a visit to Anthony Quinn Bay and stay in nearby resorts is a must for a time of solitude. 

Loving Greece? Here’s What You Need

If you’ve got remote work or are self-employed, half of the journey to attaining a digital nomad visa for Greece is already fulfilled. 

We help you in the second half. Here’s what you will need:

  • Valid passport
  • A steady source of remote income
  • Documents proving remote work
  • A sound visa history
  • Unflagged background history 

Become A Digital Nomad In Greece !

If your heart is now set on Greece, it is time to take it one step further, and we help you do that. 

Answer the following questions:

  • Are you traveling to Greece alone?
  • Do you plan to invite your family to stay with you in the digital nomad Greece visa scheme? 

To become a digital nomad in Greece, you require sufficient funds to be able to cover your living expenses without burdening the social welfare system, and the benchmark is placed at €3,500.

When moving as a family, the amount goes up by 20% for the spouse, and 15% for each kid.  

Do not worry if the finances and legalities have you confused. We are here for guidance at every step of the way. 

Why Choose Us?

Rounding the pre-requisites, filling the paperwork, meeting the oh so many deadlines, and visiting embassies countless times sound daunting, doesn it? 

With us, you have nothing to worry about as we make the process as easy as cake.

Follow the four-steps to attain your digital nomad visa for Greece quickly and easily:

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4

Schedule A Consultation

State Your Requirements

Get Started

Get Your Greece Visa!
Book a consultation session to discuss your eligibility for the visa program.Accommodation to food, work to other amenities, discuss your budgetary concerns with us.We gauge your case and guide you on the documents to collect and submissions to make.Whether on a fast track or the normal time, our process gets you the visa as scheduled.

Still, debating if the Digital Nomad Greece Visa Scheme is the one for you? 

Hear it from the others!

I am blown away by how easy and seamless the process turned out to be. Yayy, I am digital nomad living the dream life in Greece.
Paul Pop
These guys know what they are doing. I couldn’t have imagined sitting in Athens and working a year ago. Now it’s a reality.
The moment I heard about a digital nomad Greece visa scheme; I knew I had to give it a try. Luckily, I had professional help which made it very easy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you confused about the Greece digital nomad visa process? 

Find the answers you seek in these FAQs.

Is the 50% tax incentive for the Digital Nomad Visa true?

Yes, and that too for the next 7 years of residence as a digital nomad. Have only 50% of your income taxed and enjoy the rest as you wish. 

Who issues the Digital Nomad Visa?

If applying through the fast-track process, the Greek Consular Authority issues the visa. While the permit of residence thereafter is issued by the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

If I am already in Greece, can I become a Digital Nomad Resident?

For third-country citizens that are already in Greece, attaining the digital nomad residence permit requires applying for the permit within the validity of their visa, with specifics of their present Greek address.

When is the right time to become a digital nomad in Greece?

Now! The visa program was initiated as a post-pandemic way of covering your finances while experiencing a change of scenery. Numerous people have already reached out to us, and their processes are underway; begin yours today!

Become A Greek, The Digital Nomad Way!

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