Navigating the Global Residency Scheme in Malta: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Global Residency Scheme in Malta offers a unique opportunity for non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss nationals to establish residency in a well-regarded EU country. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the eligibility criteria, application process, legal framework, benefits, and lifestyle opportunities associated with the scheme.

Key Takeaways

  • The Global Residency Scheme is open to non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss nationals, including their families and certain dependents.

  • Applicants must demonstrate financial self-sufficiency, purchase or rent property in Malta, and maintain valid health insurance.

  • The application process involves several steps including document preparation, an interview in Malta, and due diligence checks.

  • Residency under this scheme offers significant tax benefits, including a flat tax rate of 15% on foreign-sourced income.

  • Residents can enjoy the lifestyle and cultural benefits of living in Malta, a full member of the EU and the Schengen Area.

Overview of the Global Residency Scheme in Malta

Eligibility Criteria

The Global Residence Programme Malta offers a pathway for non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss nationals to gain residency in Malta. Applicants must demonstrate financial self-sufficiency, have valid health insurance, and comply with property requirements within 12 months of residency.

Application Fee and Property Requirements

An application fee of €6,000 is required under the Global Residency Scheme Malta. Applicants must either purchase property valued at a minimum of €275,000 or rent property annually for at least €9,600. These investments affirm the applicant’s commitment to residing in Malta.

Taxation Benefits

Beneficiaries of the Global Residency Program Malta enjoy a favorable tax regime. Income sourced outside of Malta is taxed at a flat rate of 15% when remitted to Malta, with no tax on foreign-sourced capital gains. This scheme also leverages Malta’s extensive double taxation treaties, enhancing the financial benefits for residents.

Application Process for Malta’s Global Residency

Initial Steps and Documentation

Begin by confirming your eligibility and gathering necessary documents. Submit your application to the Residency Malta Agency, which will conduct thorough due diligence checks.

Interview and Due Diligence

After submission, applicants undergo an interview in Malta. This stage is crucial for verifying the information provided and assessing the applicant’s background.

Issuance of Residence Cards

Following successful interviews and compliance checks, residence cards are issued within 6-8 weeks, marking the final step in the application process.

Legal Framework and Compliance

Residence Permit Conditions

Maltese domicile is not allowed under the Global Residency Scheme, ensuring applicants maintain their primary residence status in Malta. The conditions also restrict the maximum residence in other countries to less than 183 days to maintain the Maltese tax status.

Tax and Residency Status

Malta offers a favorable tax regime for global residents, with a flat rate of 15% on foreign-sourced income remitted to Malta. This special tax status under the Global Residence Programme ensures that taxation is never duplicated across borders, adhering to over 60 double tax treaties.

Legal Basis of the Residency Program

The program is grounded in Maltese law, requiring applicants to either purchase or rent property in Malta. This legal basis supports the economic investment in the country while providing a clear framework for applicants to follow.

Benefits of the Malta Global Residency Scheme

Fast Processing Time

The Malta Global Residence Programme (GRP) ensures a streamlined and efficient process, typically concluding within 3-4 months. This rapid turnaround is a significant advantage for applicants eager to relocate and start their new life in Malta.

Family Inclusion and Benefits

The global residence scheme malta is highly inclusive, allowing the main applicant to include family members. This encompasses spouses, financially dependent ascendants, and children under 25, ensuring that families can stay together.

Schengen Area Access

Holders of the Malta Global Residence Programme permit enjoy the ease of travel within the Schengen Area. This benefit is particularly valuable for those looking to explore Europe without the hassle of obtaining multiple visas.

Living in Malta as a Global Resident

Cultural and Social Integration

Embrace the vibrant Maltese culture with its rich history and warm, welcoming community. Engage in local traditions and festivals to quickly feel at home.

Employment and Business Opportunities

Malta offers a dynamic job market and a supportive environment for entrepreneurs. Benefit from various investment incentives and a strategic location in the Mediterranean.

Education and Healthcare Services

Access high-quality education and healthcare facilities. Malta’s education system offers a range of options from public to international schools, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all ages.

Property Investment Opportunities in Malta

Minimum Property Value Requirements

Malta’s real estate market offers a variety of properties, from luxurious seafront apartments to traditional townhouses. The minimum property value requirement is €275,000 for properties on the island of Malta and €220,000 for properties in Gozo and the Southern Region.

Benefits of Property Investment

Investing in Maltese property is not only about acquiring real estate but also gaining potential tax residence and other fiscal incentives. This makes Malta particularly appealing for property investment.

Choosing the Right Location

Selecting the right location is crucial in Malta, where options range from bustling city centers to tranquil rural settings. Each area offers unique benefits, tailored to different lifestyles and investment goals.

Why Choose Malta for Global Residency?

Strategic Location and Lifestyle

Malta’s strategic position in the Mediterranean offers a gateway to Europe, making it an ideal base for business and travel. The island’s rich history and vibrant culture provide a unique lifestyle that blends tradition with modernity.

Professional Legal and Financial Services

The presence of expert legal and financial services ensures a smooth residency application process. Malta’s professionals are well-versed in handling the complexities of immigration and tax regulations, offering peace of mind to potential residents.

High Success Rate of Applications

Malta boasts a high success rate for residency applications, attributed to its clear and efficient legal framework. This reliability makes Malta a top choice for individuals seeking a stable and secure residency option in the EU.

Choosing Malta for global residency offers unparalleled benefits, from its strategic location and rich cultural heritage to its welcoming expat community and excellent healthcare. Malta is the perfect destination for digital nomads and expats seeking a blend of sun, culture, and quality living. Discover more about how you can make Malta your new home by visiting our website and booking a consultation today!


Navigating the Global Residency Scheme in Malta offers a promising opportunity for non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss nationals seeking a new residence base in the heart of the Mediterranean. The comprehensive guide provided outlines the essential steps, from application to obtaining residency, ensuring a smooth transition for applicants and their families. With its favorable tax regime, strategic location, and minimal physical presence requirements, Malta presents an attractive option for those looking to benefit from its residency programs. As always, potential applicants are encouraged to seek specialized legal advice to tailor the process to their specific circumstances and to ensure compliance with all requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Malta’s Global Residency Scheme?

Non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss nationals can apply, including the main applicant, their spouse, financially dependent ascendants, and other bona fide household members. Children under 25 are automatically included.

What are the property requirements for the Malta Global Residency Scheme?

Applicants must purchase or rent property in Malta. Minimum property value is €275,000 in Malta or €220,000 in Gozo and the Southern Region. Rental alternatives are €9,600 annually in Malta or €8,750 in Gozo/the Southern Region.

What are the tax benefits of the Malta Global Residency Scheme?

Residents benefit from a flat tax rate of 15% on foreign-sourced income remitted to Malta and are not taxed on foreign-sourced capital gains, regardless of whether it is remitted.

How long does the application process take for Malta’s Global Residency Scheme?

The process typically takes 3-4 months from the submission of a full application to the issuance of residence cards.

Can residents of the Malta Global Residency Scheme work in Malta?

Yes, residents can engage in employment, business, or office work in Malta under the residency permit conditions.

What are the general conditions of the residence permit under Malta’s Global Residency Scheme?

Residents must not establish a Maltese domicile, cannot spend more than 183 days in any other country to maintain tax status, and must show they have valid sickness insurance that covers all EU risks.

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