The Digital Nomad Visa by Malta (EU)

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Malta nomad visa is helping digital nomads

digital nomad malta

Imagine you were a digital nomad from Afghanistan & your government suddenly fell.

If somehow, with all the difficulties

You set up an E-Business from Tabul

and built it with passion, despite all the challenges

To suddenly have your government come crumbling down

and all your works goes up in smoke

It shouldn’t be this way

Case Study: How the Malta nomad visa is helping digital nomads from developing countries 🌎

A Lebanese citizen with Estonian E-residency & company, pays his taxes in Estonia but couldn’t enter the EU.

So he applied for a nomad visa to Malta using his Estonian identity & tax returns.

The Lebanese government is in shambles so he wouldn’t be able to receive any sort of documentation from the authorities there.

Therefore the Estonian E-residency saved his 6 figure business and gave him a legal route to entrepreneurship & residency in Malta.

We need more fiscal options that are purely virtual – jobs & identity are migrating to the virtual space & with the development of the blockchain metaverse a new economy that is sovereign from any country is growing.

Combine the virtual identity with typical immigration routes & we solve a lot of issues for digital nomads (especially crypto nomads from developing countries)

2. Why not create an EU Nomad Visa? (instead of there existing 1 by each country) ❤️

The EU nomad visa is not going to become a reality anytime soon, it would need to be preceded by a united European States (rather than a European union). EU countries maintain control on who is awarded residency & citizenship (even if that comes with European privileges such as Schengen)

3. Digital Nomads are not Hipsters 🐱‍👓

As nomadism goes mainstream you can expect its definition to be broadened. It’s already been established that perpetual travel is very difficult to maintain long term so maybe we can differentiate between an expat & digital nomad in the following way:

– Expats live & work within the legal & environmental factors of a foreign country

– Digital nomads are not reliant on the local country for work & often have their company / tax residency separate to their location

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