Europe’s Gem for Digital Nomads

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A little known fact is that Malta, is Europe’s hidden gem for digital nomads. And I’m proud to say that I’m contributing my little piece to that!

Outside of running Digital Nomad Visa, I run Malta’s largest community of digital nomads and expats

So here’s why digital nomads are all gathering in this little gem in the middle of the Medditerranean

First and foremost, healthcare is a big issue when for digital nomads. Luckily it’s free in Malta, so that’s a major concern you won’t have to worry about anymore

Second, Malta is an english speaking country. Due to it’s influence from Britain and the amount of expats and digital nomads inhabiting Malta, practically everyone speaks fluent English.

nearly one third, 22% of Maltese inhabitants are foreigners. Meaning it’s a true multicultural country, don’t be surprised when you come across someone from your own country. That happens often!

Finally, Malta has a rich culture, is beautiful by nature and our capital Valetta is on UNESCO world heritage site. You read that right, the whole capital city!

So if you’re still unsure whether Europe’s Gem for Digital Nomads is the right destination for you, short or long term. Then consider booking a call with me! Just reply to this email and we can find a time where we can discuss what your plans are and how to navigate that.

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