Digital Nomad Residency | Malta

Digital Nomad Residency Main Features

1-year Residence Permit

This 1 year residency is renewable at 300e per year. With travel throughout the EU Schengen area.

For Non-EU remote workers

If you're a digital nomad who is not from the EU, this Visa is for you!

Monthly income of €2700

The minimum monthly income is that of EUR 2700. This must be earned remotely.

Property Rental or Purchase

Digital Nomads applying for the visa must show a rental or purchase agreement.

Bring your Family

For any dependments or partners. (That includes same-sex marriages) They may be included in the application. ​

Welcome to Malta!

Island life

Sun, Sand & Surfing in the Mediterranean.


28th in the world for internet speed.

Quality Healthcare

For residents of Malta healthcare is world-class and accessible.

International Airport

Malta is strategically located in the centre of the med.

The launch of a Malta Digital Nomad Residency for Remote Workers

We’re happy to announce that Malta is amongst the first European countries to launch the Malta Digital Nomad Residency. This is intended to service remote workers who wish to live in Malta and legally work for an employer or their own business which is registered abroad.

The Malta remote working visa will provide you with a permanent EU residency and a home base on the Sunny Island of Malta in the heart of the Mediteranean. 

The main requirement is to prove that you earn your money remotely and simply wish to set up a home base in Malta to service your digital nomad lifestyle. 

Malta is a Digital Nomad Paradise the Remote Work Residency just makes it easy.

Malta is an island that is surrounded by azure blue mediterrean sea and boasts 300 days of sunshine per year. It’s healthcare system is free for permanent residents and one of the best in the EU. The University is ranked 600th in the world with over 11,500 students, around 1,000 of whom are international students from over 92 countries. Malta is extremely expat friendly with 98,000 expats and a local population of 470,500. That means approx 1 in every 4.5 people is an immigrant! The nomad visa makes it easier for digital nomads from outside the EU to integrate into the ecosystem. 

Book a Consultation with Luca Arrigo

Save time & uncertainty

Trying to navigate the ever-changing rules for living in Malta can be confusing. Schedule a private chat with Luca Arrigo to demystify your pain points.

Local Knowledge & Network

I’ve lived in Malta for 20 years, I’ve opened and operated 3 companies, and applied for residence permits for Non-EU citizens. I am well-versed in what it takes to make Malta your home, which obstacles to look out for and how to make as seamless a transition as possible.


I will answer all of your questions about Malta. You can tap into my expertise on anything you want; whether it be residency, citizenship, healthcare, buying property, letting accommodation, operating a business, what it’s like to live here, personal experiences with bureaucracy or cultural nuance. It’s all tailored to you.

Personalized Package

I follow up after your session with additional information, links to relevant resources and contact information for local experts personally vetted by me. All recommendations and resources will be specifically curated based on your individual needs discussed in the session.

Nomad Visa

For Digital Nomads

StartUp Visa

For Startup teams and Entrepreneurs


Go from rural Gozo to bustling St Julian's. Home to music festivals and yoga retreats.

Expat Community

22% of the population is an immigrant.

Food & Drink

Italian influences in the language, culture and cuisine.

Culture & History

With 80 village feasts, the whole island lights up with communtiy vibes.

Digital Nomad Residency Blog

We crafted this post to be as detailed as possible, but sometimes questions still arise because everyone’s situation is different. If you’d like personalized guidance based on your situation, we can help.
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Digital Nomad Visa Malta
We are your partner in the process for applying and acquiring a Malta Digital Nomad Visa. Based on the island of Malta, we are vibrant team of immigration lawyers and accountants.
Startup Visa Malta
We are your partner in the process for applying and acquiring a Malta Startup Visa. Based on the island of Malta, we are vibrant team of immigration lawyers and accountants.
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