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 I decided to start creating Malta’s biggest community of digital nomads. Where we can all connect and hang out together.

Share our war stories from nomading.

Working together and creating memories together! Because of that I’ve made so many friends and created true lasting relationships…

Our Maltese Facebook group has more than 1,300+ digital nomads and counting

Nomad Visa Portugal

Your New Home In Portugal Awaits! When you can work from almost anywhere in the world, why not take the plunge and indulge in a

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Nomad Visa Italy

Italy: The Hub For Digital Nomads  With the world turning into a global village thanks to technology, remote work is fast becoming a reality.  Does

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Nomad Visa Greece

Next Stop: Greece!  As the world has gone digital, remote work and work-from-home policies have become the new normal. This means you can work from

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